Murray soil and water
conservation district


Tree Program

The Murray SWCD offers a Tree Program available to landowners in Murray County. Conservation grade trees can be purchased from the district. SWCD staff also maintain a planting program for those who are interested.

Farmstead shelterbelts, field windbreaks, living snow fences and other wildlife plantings can be designed and planted by SWCD staff.

Cost-share is available to those who sign up for the programs and meet maintenance requirements on the tree planning.

For more information on tree plantings, please contact our office at 507-836-6990 ext #3

For a Tree price list click hereTREE PRICE SHEET

Tree matting currently available through the Murray SWCD

Murray SWCD has a  tree matting machine that lays a continuous layer of six foot wide black fabric over your new trees rows. The fabric resists tearing, puncturing and weed penetration, while allowing air and water to get to the tree roots. When the fabric is used properly, it prevents weeds from growing around the trees reducing weed competition, so you may see better growth rates and tree survivability. Using the mat reduces the need for mowing, tilling and pulling weeds by hand.